A Jeepney Tale: Sukli

The moment I was seated comfortably, I dug my right pocket to pay the jeepney fare. Sensing that I had no barya, I just opted to use the 20-peso bill.

“Bayad ho.”


The sound of your name
Makes me think of something lame
The way it rings in my ears
It can almost put me to tears 

Crushed 1: That Time We Had A Homework In Reading

Elementary, second grade: that time, I just needed someone to make goo-goo eyes on. It was the earliest manifestation of peer pressure: to have a crush like everyone else. It got to a point where I can’t squeeze myself into their conversations anymore because I had no one to fawn about. I wished we could have just gotten back to playing Chinese garter and collecting stickers.

An Absolute Blend

Take a spoon, set it drowning
In this deep powder of black
Take a bit more than enough
And wonder if it is bad

Summer Report

I’m at the beach, standing, staring at sea. It’s strange. I really wanted to go swimming a few days ago but now that the dream’s right in front of me, I do nothing but feel the sand and water between my toes. I look around me. People are laughing, running, and frolicking everywhere. I was wrong to think happiness is contagious. My immunity leaves me standing, staring at the sea. It’s hot. I look up to the sky and dare myself to eyeball the sun. Of course, I lose. I hold my hand up in front of me and squint through my fingers.